Food Is Art

Welcome and Hello! I had always thought of myself as a mess when it came to art. I can’t draw. I try to draw animals and they seriously look like something that the highway patrol will be scrapping up tomorrow on the side of Route 4. I have incredibly artistic friends who make me jealous of their sheer talent. Recently they lured me in to painting by saying there was going to be wine involved… Little did they know that the “whine” would be spilling from my artsy challenged self. I must say that it was much more fun with friends!


One thing that I Do love is cooking. I always have. Making tried and true favorites, bringing a taste of family to my kitchen has always been a passion. But what I truly love is jumping outside of that box and modifying recipes, tastes and ideas into brand new works of art.

Did I just say art? Believe it… As I have gotten older I have realized that I don’t lack in the creative department one bit, it’s just that while the Bob Ross’s of this world use acrylics and brushstrokes, I use oil and knife chops! The plate is my canvas, and dinner is my work of art!

9grain wrap
Cucumber Cream Cheese 9 Grain Wrap



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